Session J: Through the Patients’ Eyes

Room 205

There will be 2 components to this talk which both focus on listening to women. We hear from the “Trusted Parent Advisors” in the “Success by Six” program on creative techniques to reach low-income women of color to improve health equity and reduce disparities. We’ll hear through their patients’ eyes about life experiences of women living in high poverty areas and the barriers women of color face which are complicated. We will conclude with positive actions to address/overcome attendees’ own biases. The second portion will describe an innovative program at HFWBH, “Through the Patient’s Eyes” where our team learns from vulnerable populations what birth looks like through THEIR eyes vs. through OUR eyes . Specifically, we’ll address lessons learned from vulnerable populations that returned after birth to describe to staff their birth experiences, both positive and negative. The most important lesson learned from patients/families about birth through THEIR eyes is that true compassionate care comes from TRULY LISTENING to families. Most staff administer this compassionate care without even realizing it where others described struggling with care they provide to certain groups of patients, especially those suffering with special back stories/concerns/problems.