Session H: Education for ER Doctors and Staff Regarding Hypertension and Hemorrhage

Room 103

Obstetric hemorrhage is the most common serious complication of childbirth and is the most preventable cause of maternal mortality. Furthermore, recent data suggest that rates of obstetric hemorrhage are increasing in developed countries, including the United States, and that rates of hemorrhage-associated severe maternal morbidity exceed the morbidities associated with other obstetric and medical conditions. In addition, complications arising from hypertensive disorders of pregnancy are among the leading causes of severe maternal morbidity and preventable maternal mortality. Hypertensive-related complications can be significantly reduced through timely and appropriate treatment. This presentation will explore the etiologies for obstetric hemorrhage and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and provide practical modalities for the readiness, recognition and response for health care providers in the Emergency Department. Patient safety bundles have been developed with straightforward, evidence-based recommendations for practice and care processes known to improve outcomes and decrease maternal morbidity and mortality.