Session F: Understanding Home Visiting and Use of Care Coordination to Impact Maternal, Child, and Family Health

Governor's Room

Home visiting is a strategy of Michigan’s Mother Infant Health & Equity Improvement Plan (MIHEIP), as it can support maternal, child, and family health and help Michigan move toward the vision of zero preventable deaths and zero health disparities. It is important for healthcare providers, public health professionals, and community members to understand the home visiting system within Michigan. This session will include information about the Michigan Home Visiting system, how to find programs within communities and understand how home visiting can support families. It will also present Cradle Kalamazoo – a community impact collaborative initiated in 2014 to address the racial disparity of infant mortality in Kalamazoo County. Coordinators of Cradle Kalamazoo will describe how this collaborative is addressing infant mortality utilizing care coordination through home visiting including programs including: Healthy Babies, Healthy Start, Healthy Families America, and Nurse Family Partnership. Inclusion and enrollment of fathers is a key strategy for this work.