Zea Malawa, MD, MPH

Zea Malawa, MD, MPH

Zea Malawa is a pediatrician and public health professional committed to improving health outcomes for children of color. She currently works at the San Francisco Department of Public Health leading, Expecting Justice, a collective impact initiative to reduce racial disparities in birth outcomes. Zea earned an MD from UCLA and an MPH from UC Berkeley. After a decade of practicing medicine in safety-net clinics, Dr. Malawa has become acutely aware of the toll racism takes on black and brown communities. She recognizes that, in addition to delivering high-quality medical care, social justice advocacy is essential for promoting health within marginalized communities.

Closing Plenary: Racism and Birth Disparities


This presentation will explore the relationship between racism and health disparities. Surveying the long and complex history of Black mothers in the US, we will develop an understanding of the ways in which historical policies have created today’s inequities. We will then examine more closely how structural racism creates insurmountable barriers for Black families and […]