Tiffany Kostelec, MA

Tiffany Kostelec is the Manager of the Home Visiting Unit within the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. Tiffany has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and has worked in the field of early childhood for over 20 years in both prevention and intervention focused early childhood programs. Tiffany’s experience within the Michigan early childhood system includes working with partners to strengthen the Michigan home visiting system that includes 8 evidence-based home visiting models. Tiffany and her team collaborate with stakeholders and partners to build a system that will ensure families are supported to achieve positive outcomes. Some of the major focus areas include: utilizing and strengthening the voice of parent leaders, addressing health equity and disparities and their connection to infant mortality and maternal morbidity, improving data collection and quality, expanding awareness and understanding of home visiting within communities and supporting local communities to lead home visiting/early childhood collaboration efforts.

Session F: Understanding Home Visiting and Use of Care Coordination to Impact Maternal, Child, and Family Health

Governor's Room

Home visiting is a strategy of Michigan’s Mother Infant Health & Equity Improvement Plan (MIHEIP), as it can support maternal, child, and family health and help Michigan move toward the vision of zero preventable deaths and zero health disparities. It is important for healthcare providers, public health professionals, and community members to understand the home […]