Sue Montei, BSN, RN, NP

Sue Montei, BSN, RN, NP

Sue is a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner with over 25 years of clinical practice. She has been involved in various aspects of reproductive health including contraception, gynecology, adolescent health, sexual assault, and preconception planning. Her background includes experience in grant writing, policy and protocol writing, and management. As a mid-level clinician, she provides palliative care ranging from assessment to development and implementation of care plans. Sue has been a presenter and mentor in many areas of Women’s Health.

Session E: Patient Centered Reproductive Goals and Counseling

Room 102

This session will discuss how Title X providers use a client centered approach to assess feelings about Parenthood/Pregnancy/Readiness, Timing and How important is pregnancy prevention (PATH). PATH can be used with clients of any gender, sexual orientation, or age. PATH is designed to facilitate listening and efficient client-centered conversations about pre-conception care, contraception, and fertility […]