Kelly Goolsby

Kelly Goolsby

Kelly Goolsby is a mother of two amazing children. She has served as a Washtenaw Success by 6 Great Start Collaborative Trusted Parent Advisor with the Washtenaw Intermediate School District since 2018. During that time, she has focused her time working with families in an isolated low-income high-needs neighborhood in Superior Township. Kelly is also a Community Health Worker with the Washtenaw Health Department. With both positions, she advocates for families to ensure they have access to the many resources and services available in the community. Kelly believes strongly in two generational care and can be heard saying, “You cannot expect a healthy and whole child If the parents aren’t healthy and whole.”

Session J: Through the Patients’ Eyes

Room 205

There will be 2 components to this talk which both focus on listening to women. We hear from the “Trusted Parent Advisors” in the “Success by Six” program on creative techniques to reach low-income women of color to improve health equity and reduce disparities. We’ll hear through their patients’ eyes about life experiences of women […]