Frances Vega Pietri

Frances Vega Pietri

Frances Vega Pietri is the mother of two sons on the Autism Spectrum, a preschooler who was a 29-week preemie and a young man who is currently attending college. She have been advocating for disability rights for at least fifteen years. Since 2006, when she moved from Puerto Rico to Kalamazoo she have been involved with different nonprofits that serve individuals with disabilities. She currently works as a Family Support Partner / Community Services Coordinator for a ASK Family Services in Kalamazoo.

Session I: Parent Panel: Reflections from a Family Perspective on Having an Infant in the NICU

Room 104

Through the parent panel, families will share their reflections and highlight their experiences while having an infant in the NICU focusing on the importance of effective and sensitive clinician communication; the multiple challenges parents face grieving the health of their children, maintaining all of their responsibilities (i.e., work, school, other children…); and recommendations for how […]