Darin L. McMillan, MPH

Darin L. McMillan, MPH

Darin McMillian is a public health consultant who works within Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services’ (MDHHS) Reproductive and Preconception Health Unit. Beyond providing technical assistance and consultation to local Title X agencies, Darin manages MDHHS’s Title X training plan, facilitates Michigan’s Annual Title X Coordinator Meeting, and coordinates Michigan’s Annual Family Planning Update/Conference. During his 30 years with MDHHS Darin has gained experience in local and federal contract management, coalition building and community engagement, fiscal and program monitoring, program sustainability and agency accreditation.

Session E: Patient Centered Reproductive Goals and Counseling

Room 102

This session will discuss how Title X providers use a client centered approach to assess feelings about Parenthood/Pregnancy/Readiness, Timing and How important is pregnancy prevention (PATH). PATH can be used with clients of any gender, sexual orientation, or age. PATH is designed to facilitate listening and efficient client-centered conversations about pre-conception care, contraception, and fertility […]